Because one Do Min Joon is not enough for all of us…


I really really really really like you.


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So much love for this Kdrama. <3

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Was it epic for you at all?
Or just a memory
A moment. Nothing more.

-- Spongecola, Stargazer (via subtitledlife)

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Napa-tumblr bigla dahil namimiss na ma-in-love. HAHAHAHA ANG KORNI! =)) Pero, seryoso. 

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Online ka na naman.. pero hindi mo pa rin ako papansinin. Ano ba kaseng ginawa ko sayo? :| Di ka naman dyan inaano e. :( Namimiss na kita..

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I really need this :D Haha

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The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place: A Reminder →



To everyone else this is just a bracelet with a pick on it. But for me, this is a reminder. A reminder of why I decided to risk everything for a career in music. Let me tell you why.

The pick you see is mine, and the person who is wearing it is an awesome girl named Gelai.


Seeing her…

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I really don’t know how to thank Him for this day. Father, You’re so good! :”> Puro ako reklamo, pero may blessing ka pa din! 

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January 19-20